Colour Drop Wallpaper

$8.00 CAD


I don’t think there is ever a wrong time for a polka dot. 

~Marc Jacobs

There is nothing more classic than the polka dot, but with this print we wanted to create something more soft, fluid, and varying than we had seen before. It began with the layering of watercolours, and gradually grew into this 12 foot high waterfall of sorbet droplets, all eventually coming to rest in a very happy puddle together. This is another one of those designs that we like to feel has no age limits, but it really just depends on the kid in you...
Choose from our selected palette of colours, or contact us if you have a particular shade you dream of doing some match-making with.

Rolls are sold in 26" widths and cover approximately 20 square feet. Custom sizes are sold by the square foot. 54" widths also available.

For Custom Options Contact